Site Dedication- Ghent Alfred Bridges

This webpage is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Ghent A. Bridges, who died before I was born. In 1928 Ghent A. Bridges published a family history entitled “Thomas and Bridges Family History” which is one of the earlier attempts at recording the history of the Thomas and Bridges Families. It is through his love and devotion to this family’s history that these pages are available.

“The oldest and the most sacred institutions on earth are the Home and the Family. They were instituted by the Creator himself at the dawn of humanity, when Adam and Eve resided in the Garden of Eden. Ever since, while ceaseless ages have ever onward rolled, the countless millions who have multiplied and inhabited the earth, these institutions have ever been the indestructible tie that have bound them together; promoted their welfare, and enhanced their happiness. In the present age, we are passing some of the man-made institutions and traditions for the betterment of mankind, it is the belief of the writer that the traditions of the Home and the Family should be kept sacred and inviolable, and passed unimpaired to the future generations.”

....G. A. Bridges, Preface, “Thomas and Bridges Family History,” June 3, 1928.